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Saturday, March 25, 2006

A Beautiful View

The view from the observation deck of Q1, the world's tallest residential tower. I really like this photo with the beaches just going on forever.

I don't own an appartment here as the penthouse just under the observation deck is about AUS$7,000,000


Blogger Denton said...

Do you have a number I can call to buy that apartment?

Welcome from Greenville South Carolina (USA). Your links have been added to the DailyPhoto map.

9:46 am  
Blogger Carlos said...

Welcome to the big group. Beautiful view. I added you to my links.
PS: Please notice I am the other Barcelona link at the list of other city blogs.

10:32 am  
Blogger bob said...

Next stop- satellite picture. Waht do they do when the lift doesn't work?

5:32 pm  
Blogger Vancouver Daily Photo said...

Now that's a beach. Welcome to the global family.

6:00 pm  
Blogger Anna said...

I am agree. Very beautiful view!

10:17 pm  
Blogger Darren said...

The penthouse is still unoccupied and its info is here - (P.S. for the price it still comes unfurnished) and if the lift doesn't work, I guess you won't need the stepper machine at the gym :-) Thank-you for your comments and adding me to your lists.

4:54 am  
Blogger zbjernak said...

yah u r right.....
cool view

but 7million? tht is a lot of money!

10:41 am  
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