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Gold Coast City is the last city before the State of New South Wales. The Gold Coast has spectacular beaches and is a major tourist destination.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Smile for the cameras

The Gold Coast is most popular with the Japanese tourists and a group of them have asked a local (in the front in white) if they can get their photo with them.

There was about 5-6 cameras clicking away here and some of the ones posing would swap with the picture takers and start clicking away again.


Blogger Mark said...

You gotta love em! Nice idea for a photo by the way.

9:32 pm  
Blogger santy said...

I seem to have always see Japanese with their two fingers up like that whenever they pose for a picture. A peace sign, is it? Cool picture, looks like they're having a great time in Gold Coast :)

2:30 pm  

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